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ANEVRY Video Production helps your businesses develop and spread powerful and genuine messages via video that help people to discover and spread your message, products, or services. We do this with an extremely unique video process, state of the art equipment, and an expert post-production team.

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[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″]Our expert camera crews, scripting artists, and actors will help to perfectly capture you, your business, and your products![/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″]

ANEVRY breakthrough video recording strategy.

  • Time:  Just 4 hours to record at your facility
  • Quantity: Internet video marketing delivered in 30 days
  • Voice: Harness your passion with our unique process
  • Influence: Attracts Google and your audience organically

This is AMAZING! It is great to see IMEC expressed this way knowing how easy it was to accomplish.  We now see our organization with refreshed eyes through your video. We had no idea this could be done.”  Melissa Keefe, Executive Director, IMEC (www.IMECAmerica.org)

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Video Recording

Too busy taking care of business to get around to creating a video marketing strategy? We know how you feel, and we’re here to help you succeed in video!

Don’t worry – even if you don’t have a single video in your cupboard, we’ve got you covered. We have blazed a pathfinding trail in web video, from the Boston Music Awards to healthcare reform, international and local philanthropy to NASA clients, and much more.

What type of video is right for you? Honce Oui is ready with the custom video solutions and social media strategies to make sure your videos get seen:

We are a full service video and social media marketing solution.

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  • Video To Go: short web videos showing different slices of your company in ways that connect with customers’ needs, values and interests.
  • Video Bio/Resume/Blog: a great way to let a potential client or employer know, in less than a minute, who you are, what it’s like to work with you, and how they might benefit from your skills, experience, services and products.
  • Heart To Heart: short web videos spotlighting your customers telling about the impact you had and the success you helped create.
  • Taking A Stand: videos to educate, engage and involve the public on a company’s or an individual’s public-spirited or community-based initiatives (for example, the environment, access to higher education, the fight against cancer, many others).
  • Fine Vines: 6 second or less looping videos to build your brand on Vine, the new social video network from Twitter.
  • Video E-Mail Campaign: a type of video blog, this can be the entire message to your e-mail list, or it can be embedded as part of an e-mail newsletter.
  • YouTube A to Z: everything from setting up your own YouTube channel, content and design makeovers to make sure your channel is a good fit with your brand and your target audience, and content/branding maintenance, depending on client needs.

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SOCIAL VIDEO – The Next Generation of Video

Some of the reasons our video is so exceptional! We combine social media with video!

  • Strategic Assessment:  The first step of any smart strategy is knowing where you stand right now, and then charting a path to success. We research your social media opportunities and liabilities, how well some of your competitors and colleagues are doing, and which platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and so on) and strategies might best address your goals while building your social media footprint in size and influence.
  • Social Video Jumpstart: Everything you need to get started in social media, including a written assessment of the competitive landscape and opportunities in your market sector and recommendations on which platforms (for example, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) and social media tactics would be the best fit for your brand. We pair this with a hands-on buildup of your social media accounts, linking them to outposts in your target audience to stake out the territory that’s rich with potential for future growth.
  • Social Video Growth: The natural next step for clients who have just finished the Strategic Assessment and Jumpstart phases of a social media campaign. The Growth phase for adding followers, fans and influence includes internal training, so the client begins to understand how to deliver an integrated message across all online and offline platforms, and hands-on updating of various social media platforms, adding content and strategy to amplify the client’s message as the client becomes more skilled in producing their own social media updates.
  • Social Video Makeover: For clients who already have a social media presence and are interested in significant growth and/or refocusing their digital presence to more closely align with the goals of their business or organization. This includes an assessment of the client’s current social media footprint, to identify opportunities and vulnerabilities as a basis for making and implementing recommendations on strategies for growth.
  • Social Media Special Events: For clients who are ready to deepen their engagement with their target audience, we can help set up events such as live chats on various topics of strategic importance and of interest to the client’s online target audience. This can include coaching clients on how to moderate a chat, and being there with them to make sure everything goes smoothly, from drawing board to promotion, chat, follow-up.
  • Social Media Complete Coverage: For clients who need a great team to make sure their social media posts are on target all the time, and find it more cost-effective to have us handle the day-to-day tweeting, posting, etc., freeing up company staff to handle other challenges. We take your business identity very seriously and work closely with you to understand your brand as we connect to your audience.

Let’s get started on the road to social media success! With 72 percent of U.S. adults using social media today, you can’t afford to wait.

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