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No one becomes perfect, but some become great. At ANEVRY we agree,
“Testimonials are enough to convince people for now.”

While we can ramble on about what we do, it really all boils down to how the client feels they’ve been served. For those who want to speak with our references, have a look and contact us for their information. See what clients say about us:

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Dorothy Mason, pictured here at 89 years old, was the very first to join the "ANEVRY Elder Computer Junkie Club" and celebrates four years with ANEVRY today!“I would recommend ANEVRY heartily and abundantly to a friend because without them, I would have no friends. Let me explain, all of my friends are through the computer. ANEVRY has helped establish a “chat room” and lots of fun easy to use games for Elder citizens. ANEVRY first came to me to help set up my Skype. I was walking through a library and there a representative was. I didn’t see him at first, but hollered out “Does anyone know anything about Skype?” He looked up quickly and said “I do,” and proceeded to explain everything and came over the very next day to help me set everything up. With a computer, my life at 89 isn’t spent staring at a wall or drooling at the television, my life is full of excitement and fun! Sure, things do still go wrong with my computer. I might play with a feature that I shouldn’t have and things go out of order, but ANEVRY comes within an hour, and fixes the problem without any hesitation. Because of this, I can to the highest possible extent recommend computers to any elder person afraid to begin. Because of this, I’ve become a member of the “ANEVRY Elder Computer Junkie Club.” It’s easy with ANEVRY, and I can’t possibly describe in word the satisfied feeling I get when ANEVRY comes and helps me learn something new.”Dorothy M. from Massachusetts
Kids in the Congo advocates for ANEVRY saying "All nonprofits should turn to ANEVRY!"“When the website for our non-profit organization, KidsintheCongo.com was in need of updating and revision, I asked some of my fellow parishioners at St. Anne in Fiskdale if they knew of anyone who could help me.  I was referred to Jacob Gorham and Anevry.  From our first emails and phone conversations, I felt the enthusiam and commitment that Jacob would bring to our project.  He promised a finished product that would help grow our organization and in less than 3 weeks delivered one that has far exceeded our expectations.  In addition, we hired Anevry to provide Webmaster services and new content and changes to our site have been completed within the hour.  We look forward to many years of fruitful partnership with Anevry.”
With many thanks!
Fr. Salvator Musande, Kids in the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
ArmoParty counts on ANEVRY.“They made a page for me in a very reasonable amount of time. You should take a minute & watch the tutorial about what they can do, very cool stuff ! They’ve worked with a lot of local companies & groups to make good webpages.”Luke Soojian from Leicester, Massachusetts (ArmoParty and SoojianServices, Inc.)
Sara M-J of Downtown Powerwashing Talks ANEVRY“I’m writing this brief recommendation for ANEVRY in regards to their website design.  I am going to get right to the point: THEY. ARE. AWESOME. Try them out now, I jumped the gun and decided to give them a shot after getting a feeling for their “sincerity” to help my business. I wasn’t disappointed. If you’re looking for a very specific look and feel, they will offer their recommendations even if it’s against the look, but unlike some web teams, they won’t insist upon their “better looking” design to sacrifice what you want. This is a MUST in any professional business, I’m the customer and want to be treated that way!”Sara J. from Boston, MA (Downtown PowerWashing, Inc.)
John Fedirko of 3DP Records Testimonial“Anevry is truly a company that will go above and beyond to make sure your business succeeds. Without Jacob Gorham and his team at Anevry, my organization (3DP Records) would not have as much traffic as it has got – which is about 10,000 views per month. They really know how to give your business exactly what it needs at a great, friendly price whether it be websites, advertising, merchandise, or whatever you can dream up as an idea. It’s great way to give your business, organization, or whatever you want to promote a competitive edge and a professional look which appeals to the eye. The best part is, they are willing to work with your budget and give you the best they can offer for the price.”John Fedirko of West Brookfield, MA (3DP Records)
Jenny Fitzgerald's Testimonial“ANEVRY was able to repair my computer in a timely manner. I was satisfied with their work and recommended them many times to my friends. That’s why I’m now part of their “Elder Computer Junkie” program.”Jenny F. from Wisconsin
Abiodun Oyebisi, Nigerian Owner of Art Gallery speaks fondly about ANEVRY.“ANEVRY has been wonderful to work with, they firstly designed a great website for my paintings and art. Secondly, they have always been there not only as a business partner but as a true guardian to my art business and life in general even when I felt like giving up, ANEVRY and my directRep was there to pick me up and get me back on my feet. I don’t have to talk much on recommending ANEVRY because they do that for themselves, but I honestly and sincerely advise you to try them and see how amazing and sincere they are about promoting your business.”Abiodun Oyebisi from Nigeria (Oyebisi Arts)
Dr. Paul Sandman on ANEVRY.“I have known ANEVRY since 2009 when they consulted with me to develop my books for publication and sales, which lead succesfully through to developing my new patient firm, marketing and branding it, and succesfully building it to where it is now. They did an outstanding job working with me as I eventually was able to publish twenty books on Amazon. Jacob (my representative) provided outstanding attention to detail, gave me a lot of support, and encouragement to learn computer skills far better than I ever had before while working with him.

ANEVRY’s response to customer questions and needs for support are far better than any other computer consultant that I ever worked with. Follow through while working on computer projects is outstanding. They can deliver quality corrections to consumer computer problems from a remote location. Their mission is to deliver reasonable costs for services to clients and they do a terrific job of demonstrating this.

While working with several different people, I noticed imediately that they all have tremendous listening skills, and perhaps memories, as we discussed a vast multitude of items and they were all handled on the first try.

It is clear to me that ANEVRY hires those with exceptional intelligence to accurately analyze client problems and the speed at which a pertinent solution arises is astounding.

Everyone I’ve worked with their comes across as extraordinarily friendly, likable, cooperative, and positive. This is true even over the phone.

I highly recommend his services to you for any digital issues or modern day consulting needs.”Dr. Paul Sandman from Worcester, Massachusetts (Ed. D., Licensed Mental Health Clinician)

Bruce Stebbins on ANEVRY and how they helped fix his computer.“I’ve worked with ANEVRY many times over the past couple of years and have found them to be responsive for one thing; they get right back to you. Their team incorporates excellent trouble shooters and gets the job done right the first time.”Bruce Stebbins from Hadley, Massachusetts
Nabongo Arts official statement on ANEVRY and their work.“ANEVRY designed and set up the website for our Curio business. Their work is excellent and we would highly recommend them to anyone seeking website design, content writing, or overall exceptional writing.”Nabongo African Art
The Treasurer of Northeastern Search and Rescue talks about the great things happening because of ANEVRY.“ANEVRY is an exceptional company run by an equally exceptional young man, an Eagle Scout, and entrepreneur, who seeks to provide excellent value and service to his customers.”Dan O'Connor from Ware, MA (NEWSAR Treasurer)
Owner of SciTech Marketing and Website Writers talks about ANEVRY's key talents.“ANEVRY always actively listens and showcases honest interest in helping my business succeed, and they always live up to their guarantee to keep me running when I need them most. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”Michael Toomey from Spencer, Massachusetts (SciTechMarketing.com and WebsiteWriters.info)
A1 Enterprises talks about the great work ANEVRY did fixing their entire IT setup.“Our company had been having a few problems with our computers. Jacob from Anvery came to our site to help us out. While being there he was very professional and help out with many problems. After he left we still had issues however he came right back again and handled the situation with great care. I would recommend his company for all of your computer needs.”A1 Enterprises Industrial Septic & Plumbing
“After years with the same desktop computer, I decided it was time to upgrade. My only hesitation was the prospect of learning to use Windows 8 and losing many of my favorite and most trusted programs that “supposedly” were incompatible with the new operating system. I had talked to “techies” at a nationally known computer/office supply store, and they had delivered the grim news that many of my programs would not be transferrable to the new computer. So, my excitement with the new purchase was visibly and understandably dampened. However, I decided to “suck it up” and go for the latest and best the computing world had to offer. I resigned myself to the fact I was facing software purchases on the horizon and countless hours of re-entering data. One example…I had a mailing list program crammed full of addresses that would be a “casualty” of the upgrade. Oh, well…

That might have been the end to this story. I got the new computer. My excitement turned to dismay. Windows 8 seemed a program designed to make a seasoned computer person feel like a baby bird unable to fly out of the nest. I felt like a complete idiot. Again, this might have been the end of the story.

On the advice of a friend, I contacted Anevry, Inc. I talked directly to the CEO and related the woeful tale of a purchase gone wrong. He assured me they could help, and we made a date for a tech support visit a few days later. I also added my husband to the agenda. He was having issues with our office/business computer. I figured, why not go for the “whole banana.”

Tech support arrived at exactly the pre-arranged time. The next couple of hours were magical. Our business concerns were addressed and resolved. For me, Windows 8 became manageable, even fun, and best of all – the programs I thought I had lost, were installed on the new computer and all the data was transferred.

Bottom line…I cannot say enough about this company. They have a good “feel.” I think it speaks to the heart of the management. I endorse them 100%. I’m putting them on speed dial. I will not hesitate to call in the future.

Respectfully, a more than satisfied customer.”
Lynnda LeBoeuf, Retired Teacher of 35 Years
Librarian Director "I enthusiastically and unequivocally endorse Anevry for their skillful competence and sound business practices."“I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Jacob Gorham of Anevry during my tenure as Library Director at the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library in West Brookfield, MA.  The IT services provided have been distinctive in quality through the timely, efficient, and effect manner in which they have been rendered.  After many incarnations of IT support, it was certainly a positive turning point for the Library when when the dynamic confluence of Mr. Gorham and Anevry became an integral part of the Library’s technical support team.  Furthermore, Mr. Gorham is a munificent individual, who is always sensitive to the financial limitations of nonprofit organizations and exceedlingly generous with his time and capabilities.  I enthusiastically and unequivocally endorse both Jacob Gorham and Anevry for their skillful competence and sound business practices.”
Lisa Careau, Retired Director of West Brookfield's Merriam-Gilbert Public Library
Ed Londergan of West Brookfield Historical Commission“On behalf of the West Brookfield Historical Commission, I worked closely with Anevry to design and develop a website for the Commission. The old site needed replacing with something more functional and eye catching. The team put together a great site that all the Commissions members like and enjoy. While there were some difficulties moving some of the content from the old site to the new site, Anevry came through and made everything right. They have been great to work with and I personally would not hesitate to recommend Anevry to anyone looking for website design, operation, and maintenance.”Ed Londergan, West Brookfield Historical Commission
“Dear Anevry, I want to tell you what a surprisingly wonderful experience it has been to work with you on our computer issues. From the perspective of a not so with it computer user, your listening and understandable explanations were very reassuring. The service was quick and reasonable! I feel very comfortable recommending Anevry to friends and family. I know I can call and I will treated with respect and honesty.Keep up the good work. BTW- everything is working fine! Thank you so much!”Jeanette Stebbins from Hadley, MA