How to Spot Scams When Learning to Program

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Sketch of a blimp - sketchy programming education promises?

If you’re trying to learn programming (or any other new skill, really), but don’t have the time, money, or opportunity to enroll in conventional university classes, you may have already come across several websites or online courses promising to teach you how to program in … Read More

All About Blogs

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Blogs, for anyone still adjusting the rabbit-ears on their fuzzy Motorola TV sets, are basically “little web sites” – that is, they are usually limited-agenda, personal sites dedicated to flogging one particular subject. In the business world, the best and the brightest are often the … Read More

The Web – It’s ALL About Content

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Here’s a shocker: Talk to any dozen corporate executives about what makes a good website and more often than not you’ll hear about eye-catching graphics, sexy animation, sophisticated page layouts, easy navigation. You’ll hear about everything except what’s really important: words. That’s right. What makes … Read More

Product’s Ready! Now what?!

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The moment of truth has arrived. You and your team have spent months – possibly years – researching, prototyping, and testing. Your innovation is finally ready for market. Now what? One of the most common mistakes high tech entrepreneurs make is not being prepared in … Read More