Why is ANEVRY the best new hosting company?

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Hosting a domain shouldn’t be based solely upon price. Domains that get “packed” in with thousands of other WWWs and any .COM gets slowed because of IT hosting and the packing practices.

Web search and IT speeds at the device to search engine’s speed and beyond are pretty consistent. But you’ll need to be aware of something  low cost sites don’t like to disclose but you’ll understand is critical.

You should know how discount site providers “cram” your site as one of many other sites onto their servers in higher numbers per server. That makes an overcrowded server’s performance slower and it affects how fast your site downloads during critical times of the day when many people are searching the web. What separates hosting value is the speed getting TO the search engine along with how it makes your site appear fast and relevant or slow and outdated. A “clunky” site and how its perceived is something not so simple to correct. When someone searches, the practice called “packing” can directly affect your business.

ANEVRY invites you to ask anyone who searches if they have ever found a slow site frustrating. Chances are they just went elsewhere rather than wait. Can your business afford to be the slowest site?

We don’t believe it should have to even be a consideration. ANEVRY has chosen to host with an unprecedented 100% satisfaction guarantee. That 100% uptime with our protected servers with multiple backups and data stored for results rather than discounted excuse.

At ANEVRY, we deliver an effective fast-as-lightning approach for all our sites. If you already have a site with another host we can help you make a switch and save.

Contact us to see what we can do for your website software hosting.

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