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Affordable Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

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Advertising has more forms today than ever before, as well as confusing terminology and double meaning. That makes it extremely difficult to find innovative advertising ideas for small businesses because of how small of a market we fill for the ad agencies. Ironic isn’t it.

Beyond this is the confusion of all the various types of advertising, sizing, standardization, and laws involving adverts. Radio may mean over the air or internet based broadcast, as in “Internet Radio.” Press advertising may be conventional mass appeal outlets, their digital assets, or vertical market targeted media. Take mobile as an example. One person may refer to mobile media, and they’ll mean the wireless devices and campaigns targeted through a smart phone or tablets in a given area with local venue incentives. Yet, another person may use the same term and mean vehicle based billboards or vehicle wrappers. Still another may say mobile media and mean a storage system for either retail hard goods, inventory or data storage.

As confusing as it may seem, ANEVRY’s team has made extensive media knowledge and experience in both traditional and new media formats to make multimedia campaigns work for our clients. We make it seriously easy to find innovative advertising ideas for small business that push your budget to its extremes and drive solid results.

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