The Pros and Cons of the Cloud

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The cloud, visualized.

If you’re working your way through the challenges of running a business, you’ve probably heard about the cloud at some point, maybe even read some of the previous articles in this series. Odds are good that you’ve thought about moving certain aspects of your business … Read More

Cloud Nine: A Guide to Cloud Computing

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Defining the cloud for your business can be confusing, but it doesn't need to be!

Anyone who’s been on the internet in the past year has heard something about “the cloud”, whether as part of the discussion about recent celebrity privacy scandals, in talks about internet and the future of networking, or even mentioned vaguely in passing by anyone who … Read More

Can You Afford the Cloud?

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What could be bad about having all of my information online, all the time?

If you’re struggling to make ends meet with your small business, you may have heard of a little something called “the cloud”. Proponents of cloud computing claim that organizations using the cloud report nearly double the revenue growth and about 2.5 times higher gross profits … Read More